How to Play the Game of Heroic Meaning in Your Life!

(The Foundation Coaching/Integration Session)

How To Play The Game Of Heroic Meaning

To Play The Game Of Heroic Meaning is simple:

  • Watch the Video Lessons in order and write down your insights.
  • Watch the Coaching Sessions and do the exercises – (perhaps in a coaching triad)
  • Take the actions in your Main Project according to plan
  • Share your challenges and victories in the Heroic Meaning Community¬†

The Lessons and Exercises will guide you through each step of how to Play The Game in your own life. Easy Peasy!

How fast you go through the Course is up to you.

The simplest plan is to watch 1 Lesson and 1 Coaching Session back to back at the beginning of the week Рthen repeat that Lesson and Coaching session later in the week Рto give yourself time and space to integrate it. 

And, many people are more ambitious and will do 2 or 3 Lessons/Coaching per week.

Join us in this Adventure In Personal Responsibility and Make Your Deepest Happiness Your Highest Priority.

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Watch/Listen to The Video Lessons

Learn to play the Game in 15-30 minute videos designed to empower and inspire you create more Heroic Meaning in your life.

Go Through The Coaching Exercises

Apply the ideas of the course step-by-step in the most important projects and relationships in your life.

Participate In The Heroic Meaning Community

Join the Q&As, the AMAs, share your victories and challenges in the forum and discord.