Heroic Meaning

Feb 6, 2023


The Game Of Heroic Meaning is a free online video course that teaches you how to approach your projects, your relationships, and your life as a whole like a Sacred Game – where the goal of the Game is to experience increasingly Heroic Meaning in your life – more Prosperity, more Pleasure, more Purpose.

Through a series of 15-30 minute videos that give you insights, inspiration, and tools, The Game Of Heroic Meaning is designed to make your life BETTER – in every area that matters.  It empowers and inspires you to systematically UpLevel your Self and your life – to equip and empower you to systematically improve:

– your work and career and social expression,
– your friendships and family relationships,
– your romantic and intimate partnerships,
– your relationship with your body and vitality,
– your emotional stability and fulfillment,
– your sense of meaning and purpose.

Where, the more you play, the better your life gets.

Join us in this Adventure In Personal Responsibility and Make Your Deepest Happiness Your Highest Priority.